Memory Quilts And Custom Designz

Jina Barney's Memory Quilts - Love Starts With A SmileI have had so many wonderful opportunities to design and create quilts for loved ones. These opportunities have come in both happy and sad ocassions. There is no better way to share how you feel about someone than a quilt designed especially for them or their family.If you are interested in having a quilt custom designed for someone you love, let's chat!  Click here to see more pictures.

Memory Quilts

 Jina Barney's Memory Quilts - Jill

Memory quilts are such a touching way to share your love with someone. My first experience in creating a memory quilt was when a dear friend passed away from cancer. She had been sick for many months and wanted to leave something special for her children. She had me sort through her closet as she identified articles of her own clothing that she wanted me to use to make quilts for her children. It was so difficult to cut pieces of her beautiful clothing into small pieces to make the blocks for the quilts.  As it turned out, she passed away much quicker than anticipated and the project took a very high priority.  My friend Chere and I decided that the quilts needed to be done for the funeral, which gave us just a few days. We organized neighborhoods of women who lived nearby. I designed and assembled the quilt blocks while Chere taught women how to hand stitch the words which would be the quilt borders.   We collected her favorite sayings, scriptures, hymns, and incorporated them into the quilt. I must admit, that this was a real miracle, yes we had help from higher powers. There were women coming in and out of my house for 4 days,  day and night. Some who just knew how to iron, others just learning to needle stitch, and still others providing food so that we could work uninterupted. Even the quilting for all 5 quilts (yes 5 children, 5 quilts, 4 days) was donated. The Quilts were hung on the walls surrounding her casket providing warmth and beauty which  fulfilled a mothers last request.  Click here for more pictures  

Custom Designz

 Jina Barney's Memory Quilts - Eagle Quilt

One of the things that I really love doing, is designing quilts.  My mind just fills with great ideas and sometimes I can't write them down fast enough.  The quilt you see pictured to the left, was just such a quilt.  At the age of 15 my son earned his Eagle Scout award.  Most mothers are very aware of the efforts involved in such an accomplishment.  I wanted to do something special for him, and a quilt seemed like the perfect way to tell him how proud I was.  My design did not incorporate any of the official "BSA" insignias because he wanted something simply patriotic.  It  was so much fun taking my ideas from paper to the sewing machine.  It really did turn out beautiful.  What an opportunity it was to be able to diplay it at his Chourt of Honor, and now to see it in his room.  If you would like to see the full quilt along with many of the other custom designz I have done, just
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Posted on December 14, 2008 by Jina Barney