That Alpine Quilt Group!

Block Of The Month - January - Snowflake

Welcome to all my good friends in "That Alpine Quilt Group!"January Block - Snowflake  I am so excited to be able to teach the block of the month quilt.  I haven't named this quilt yet, but soon.  This quilt will eventually be coming out as a book, but you can say you saw it first!  For January, we will be doing the Snowflake block.  So collect your favorite winter prints and let's get quilting.

For your convenience, I have arranged for our quilt group to print this months pattern right off of my website.  Just click here to open and print your instructions. 

block of the month - february - scrappy valentine hearts

I can't believe that February is upon us already!  Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays.  What started out as a romantic date night for me and my husband has turned out to be a family affair.  We cook a special dinner, decorate the table with candy and all kinds of treats and presents.  Then we sit down and enjoy a family candle light dinner.  Each member of the family is given a handmade heart shaped card on which we all take turns writing why we love that person.  It is a family tradition that the children look forward to all year.

February Block - Scrappy Valentines HeartsFor February, we will be doing the Scrappy Valentine Hearts Block.  So collect your favorite valentine prints, and let's do some quilting.  Just like last month, I have arranged for our quilt group to print this months pattern right off of my website.  Just click here to open and print the instructions for February's block.

block of the month - March - Windmill

March is the month that we enjoy flying kites with our children and grandchilren!  Traditionally, March is a blustery month; at times, a month that we are challenged with keeping our hair in place and our contacts dirt free.  So let's make it fun instead!  Why not make a windmill quilt block to take advantage of all that wind?  The best part is that you don't even have to go out in the wind to enjoy it.  It's time to start collecting fabric.  You will need some light, medium, and dark shades to make your windmill standout, and then whatever you like in between them to seperate them.

Here is the finished block from step 4.

Here is the finished block from step 5.

Here is what the block looks like with the 3 months all put together.

Print off the simple instructions by clicking here.

block of the month - April - Baskets

Where did March go?  I miss March already, but April is such a great month.  It is a time of new birth, and the appearance of color all around us.  My flowers will finally get to stretch their way toward the Sun and I can start grooming my gardens.  Soon I will have baskets full of flowers!  Speaking of baskets, that is the name of our block for April.  We will have so much fun making, not one, but twelve wonderful baskets.  So lets get our fabric out and start quilting!

Here it is with everything pieced together!  All 12 baskets as well as the center block we completed last month are separated by 3 sizes of sashing which I have labeled in the instructions as A, B, and C.  If you get lost in the instructions, just click on the image above and you can print out your own color copy (provided you have a color printer) to refer to.

To Print out the instructions, just click here!

block of the month - May flowers

As I write this, there are just a few days until May is upon us!  My daffodils are up and the beatiful bright yellow pedals are giving my yard the jumpstart of color that it needs right now.  So why not use the theme of flowers for our May blocks?  This months blocks are going to be simple but fun.  There are only 8 this time, but you will notice how they really make your quilt come together!  It's your choice, whether you use needle turn applique or a buttonhole stitch to assemble your flowers.  Due to my rough travel schedule lately, the blocks in the pictures are still unfinished.  Infact, I will most likely be performing needle turn surgery at 30,000 feet over the Pacific this time around.  I can't wait to get back and see some of the great work performed by my friends in That Alpine Quilt Group!

Let's start with the block.  As I mentioned, this block is waiting patiently for my needle turn.

Now after you have created 8 of these wonderful little flowers, let's sew them into 2 rows of 4!  Here is the top row.

Here is the bottom row, same pattern just lot's of fun fabric & colors!

Now for the really fun part.  Let's put it all together and see what it looks like.  Here is what it looks like all pieced together!

Well, now you know what the May blocks are all about.  I am sure you will want to get started right away! As always, just click here to download the instructions.  I hope your May is wonderful, happy quilting!

block of the month - June - Economy Block

Wow, that was some kind of wet May!  One thing is for sure, I won't have to worry about my flowers growing.  For June (hopefully a sunny one), we are going back to basics.  We will be piecing the traditional "Economy Block".  We will be doing 6 blocks in all.  This is a very simple project so you should have some time to get caught up on the other blocks if you are behind. 

Here is what the block looks like all pieced together.


Here are all 6 blocks laid out and ready to assemble.  But wait, don't start yet, because we will be setting these aside until July and August blocks are completed.

Enjoy the simplicity of this months Economy blocks.  You can download the instructions by clicking here.

block of the month - July - July Stars

July is the month that we celebrate our freedoms and show our patriotisim! One of the symbols that we use to represent our country is the star. Our flag proudly displays 50 of them representing each state that makes up our free nation. This month we will use the star block which I call "July Stars". Again, we will make six of these. But remember, we will not assemble them until we have completed August's blocks.

Here is what the block looks like all pieced together.


Here are all 6 blocks laid out and ready to assemble.

Just like last month, we are doing a very simple block. So use your spare time to get out and enjoy the fresh air! You can download the instructions by clicking here.

block of the month - August - Patriotic Stars

Happy August quilters!  This is the month we have all been anticipating.  Not because our children will be returning to school (well that is a contributing reason), but because we finally get to piece together the blocks we have been making since June.  Summer has been a busy time, so it is great to take a break and do some fun quilting.  Before we get too ahead of ourselves in assembling our blocks though, we do need to make the blocks for August first.  I call these blocks, "Patriot Flag."  What a great follow up to a spectacular July where we had occasion to celebrate our freedoms and the great blessings  we have in this country.

We will be making Four Patriot Flag blocks.  These fun blocks feature a folk art style star and irregular stripes combining to make a unique flag!  I have included a template below for the star.

Here is what the 4 Patriotic Flags look like all assembled (these are not connected, the green was just the background for the photos).

Now we are going to assemble our June economy blocks and our July star blocks together.  Again, the instructions are available below.  Here is what they look like once they are complete.

So now we have all of our blocks from June, July, and August nicely put together.  The time has come quilters to make this quilt a little bigger!  Here is the picture of the progress we have made (just click on the image to print it out).  You can see how the blocks from our 3 months have been assembled.  Isn't this fun?  I just love seeing a quilt come together.  I hope this has been a fun project for you.  Enjoy it while you can, as we only have 3 or 4 months till we are done.  What are you going to do with your quilt when it is finished?

I have divided the instructions into two downloads this time.  But don't worry, they are just one page each.  You can download the cutting, sewing, and assembly requirements by clicking here.   Click here to download the Patriotic Flag template.

block of the month - September - School House

Last month I referred to our children getting back to school.  Well, there's no getting around it now because school is in full swing!  What a better way to celebrate, than to put together a "School House" block.  School houses are such an iconic symbol of the building and growth of our country.  Even our little town of Alpine(it was little when we started this quilt group) cherish's the history of the old school house.  I'll bet that both your Mom and Dad have stories of the little school house they used to go to.

As you continue to get the kid's fully organized and back into the swing of things, you may need some extra time.  The block this month is very simple. Only one little school house. This is a great month to catch up.  Take your time, choose some fun fabrics, and enjoy the slow pace that comes with this months block.

Here is what the School House looks like all assembled. 

September School House
You will probably want to print out a picture of the block to go with your instructions.  Just click on the image for a printable picture.

You can download the cutting, sewing, and assembly requirements by clicking here.  

By the way, check back often because I have my own personal webmaster working on a brand new website.  He should be done with it just as soon as he gets out of the dog house.  Have fun sewing, and I can't wait to meet next time and see what you have all accomplished.  Enjoy the month!


block of the month - October - Jack O Lanterns

The month of trick or treat is upon us! The leaves are changing, and crops are being harvested. It is only appropriate that our block of the month have a halloween theme. I call this months block "Jack O lanterns". Again this is a simple project, one that won't tie you down or stress you out.  Granted, there are 3 blocks this month but they are very simple.  Have you ever pondered upon the shape of a pumpkin leaf?  Unless you are a master gardner, you have probably not given it much thought.  This month, you will be incorporating pumpkin leaves into your blocks!  What could be more exciting?  Alright, so I am getting carried away.  The 3 blocks are actually identical, it will be up to you and your choice of fabrics whether you individualize them or make them triplets.  Here are how my blocks turned out.

And here is how they will all fit together in your quilt!  Just a note: since taking the pictures, I have added a cute little embroidered curly que on the top of the pumpkin oposite the leaf.

This is the time when you get to download the instructions.  Just click here to download and print.  I also have a template for the pumpkin leaf, you can click here to download it.  If I don't see you before, have a Happy Halloween!  And don't get carried away with the Candy.

block of the month - November - Leaves

This year, Halloween will be very unique. Here I am writing about November and Halloween is yet to come.  This will be the first time that I have not been home to hand out Trick or Treat candy and enjoy all of the festivities with my children. It seems, that the kind people who organize the International Quilt Market, have scheduled it over Halloween. This could have been disasterous, however, my youngest (Clancy)is now 15 so I think we will live through it. It does seem though, that there is always something. Last Market, our son Talen Played in the National Rugby Championships for the Under 19 age bracket and ironically, it was even held at home in Sandy, Utah. The good news is that his team "United Rugby Club" did beat Highland to take the national championship. It was extremely difficult to not be there to share it with him. We did end up watching it via the internet on a laptop in an Italian resturant somewhere in Minneapolis. The sacrafices we make for our quilting!

Well, on to our November block. As I look through my sewing room window and watch the leaves flutter to the ground, I think that the name of our block of the month is very fitting, as it is called "Leaves." We are winding down to the end of our "Block of the Month." The time is almost at hand when we get to see everyone's finished product.  Last month we made 3 Jack O' Lanterns, but we did not yet assemble them.  This month, we will make 3 more blocks, but instead of pumpkins they will be leaves!  We will also be assembling the Jack O' Lanterns and the Leaves into a single row.  I will include plenty of pictures here so you will have a great visual.

We may as well get the instructions printed out now so you can follow along as you view the pictures.  So go ahead and click here to download and print out your instructions.  Alright, now that we have that done lets create a visual.  As with your pumpkins, you can create any look you would like with your leaves.  Make them all the same or throw in some autum colors!  Here is how mine turned out.

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Now here is a preview of how we will lay them out.

As you progress along with the instructions, you will get to this point, where you will assemble the entire top row including your October and November blocks with a few spacers for good measure.

Have you noticed the phenomenon of image sizing on a website yet.  As our projects grow, our images get smaller... OK, nevermind.

Now for more fun.  We will also assemble the top row to our quilt.  Here, I am showing you the top section as a close up so you can see how it all comes together.

Isn't it interesting, that if you haven't already noticed, this is where you start to see the forethought you put into selecting your colors and patterns.  Is yours turning out the way you had imagined?  I made my husband (yes I let him out of the doghouse) go out in the snow and hang up my quilt so you could see the whole thing.  It is just a quick shot with waves, wrinkles, and the works, but you get the idea.

Well that's it for our November block of the month!  I hope you are enjoying this, because next month is our last block.  Just think, by Christmas you will have another large and cuddly quilt to snuggle up in.

block of the month - December - Stockings

Hello Quilters! I feel like I am writing my farewell address. I guess in a way it is, since this will be our last block for this years Block of the Month Quilt. I have had so much fun preparing these blocks and creating the instructions. I hope that you have all had as much fun as I have.

As you can guess, our theme for December is a Christmas one. I call it "December Stockings." We are going to make 6 similar blocks using the same pattern. In the first quilt I made 4 stockings.  One for each of my children, in this 2nd quilt I wanted to add a stocking for me and knew there were mothers out there with many children.  You can choose however many stockings you would like.  I will show you how to make them work with a simple explanation.  Once we have our blocks created, we will be trimming them and sewing spacers in between them. Here is the photo of the six blocks before they are trimmed.

Now, you may (or not) remember our house block from September.  We are now going to incorporate that block with our stockings and a few fun fillers.  Here is a picture of the bottom end of the quilt.

You can download the template for the stocking by clicking here.  For the instructions, just click here!  I have not had a chance to put the border on it, but will do so soon.  I am anxious to see everyones finished product!  Please send me photos of your quilts!  I would love to brag about them.  Just e-mail them to me as an attachment to  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of our Block of the Month for 2010.  May December be a wonderful quilting month for all!

Introducing "Eye Candy"

What an exciting project this has been.  Months of designing, creating, and editing just to get this book ready for market.  Now that it is in print, it is so exciting to see all of the beautiful fabrics and how they can be used in such creative ways. The most exciting part, is that I had the opportunity to design all of the quilts in the book!  It is such a fun book, a must have for any quilter, even if I say so myself.  It features 51 pages of full color photographs, illustrations, diagrams, and instructions.  What makes it so much fun is the variety; there are 6 quilt patterns, 6 unique projects, and six yummy recipes! 

If you are interested in getting a copy, most of our local quilt shops should have it in stock.  If not, just ask them to order it for you!